Free CNA Classes in Indianapolis- List of the Few Programs Available

Every profession needs a good theoretical as well as practical knowledge. That knowledge is gained by taking classes. Thus, becoming a certified nursing assistant is not an easy job. One needs to be amply educated, and for that one will need to join good CNA classes. CNA classes in Indianapolis are generally considered to be very effective though short. A normal CNA course will cost $800 to $2000 for about six weeks. But if you can’t afford the classes, you will need to find free classes. And that is utterly difficult.

How to find free CNA classes in Indianapolis?

First of all, you need to contact Indiana’s state board of nursing and then get a list of the certified CNA classes, free or not. You can also log into for the list. Always remember that only classes accredited to the board will have value later. Otherwise your hard work will be futile and your skills will not be considered. After you get the list, contact all of the classes’ coordinators and ask if they can provide scholarships or grants. Check with the financial aid department of those colleges to find if there are any financial aid schemes available. Some of them may offer you grants on the basis of your talents, some other criteria.

Free CNA Classes in Indianapolis Free CNA Classes in Indianapolis  List of the Few Programs Available

Free CNA Classes in Indianapolis

You can also get information from the CNAs themselves. They are more likely to know about places that offer free CNA classes. So, if you can talk to a couple of CNAs.

In Indianapolis, a program is run by the Indiana Department of Public Health Fund that administers scholarships for CNA trainings plus the state exam fees. Some communities like Human Services may also be of some help. Don’t forget to inquire.

If you are between 17 to 21 years old, and have low income, you can register at the Indianapolis Workforce Location. With this step, you will be finding state funded programs that provide grants to pay for the CNA classes, uniforms and the transportation costs as well.

Another option for you to get free classes is if you promise to volunteer for any nursing home or health centre for six months to one year. This is the best alternative you have if you want free classes. All you need to do is sign a contract with the nursing home promising to volunteer in the nursing home once your course is complete. Also, some of them offer free classes for their employees. So, you can apply for a job and then take the classes for free.

Some Red Cross societies also offer free classes occasionally.  Be in touch with them so that you can know if there are any updates.

How to Become a CNA For Free In Indianapolis?

In case, you are in a budget-tight situation and, hence, cannot afford the CNA programs, then applying for scholarships awards and other such financial aids could be your best possible way of getting free CNA classes in Indianapolis.

Other than the nursing schools, colleges and universities, a majority of the nursing homes, who lack proper number of nursing personnel to look after the patients, may also grant you free CNA training, provided that you work in their patient care settings for a certain period of time.

Likewise, the Indianapolis career training centers (like the Golden Living Center & Walker Career Center) also have the reputation of offering free CNA training to the poor but dedicated CNA aspirants of Indianapolis city.

1. Ivy Tech Community College

Each & every CNA wannabes of the Illinois State would, in their lifetime, get to learn about Ivy Tech Community College, either by enrolling in this college for its state approved CNA training or during the time of their CNA licensing exam.

After all, Ivy Tech’s statewide fame is not merely because of its state approved CNA training program but also because of the fact that it has been appointed by the Illinois State Department of Health to uphold the honorary duty of administering the Nurse Aide/Medication Aide Competency Exam throughout the state of Illinois.

Appealing Features of Ivy Tech Community College’s CNA Classes:–

Apart from running a state approved CNA program, Ivy Tech also hosts the CNA certification exam for the graduated CNA students of Indianapolis at their very own facility.

Being a 2 year educational institution, the Ivy Tech encourages the interested CNA students to take their Associates degree in Health Care Support program but, of course, you do have the alternative to seek a short term CNA or, rather say, Patient Care certificate program.

Ivy Tech’s 19 credits long certificate level Patient Care program is designed to prepare you for a prospective career as a Certified Nurse Aide, but aside from this job profession, you are also entitled to receive the Home Health Aide Certification and the Dementia Care Certification.

Contact Details:–

Recommended CNA Schools!

Sorry, we could not find any matching schools

  • Location (Main Campus):–50 W. Fall Creek Pkwy N. Dr., Indianapolis, IN-46208
  • Location (Lawrence Campus):–9301 E 59th Street, Indianapolis, IN-46216
  • Phone No.:–317-921-4800
  • Online Address:–

2. Advance Healthcare Vocational Training

Striving to yield competitive nursing personnel, the Advance Healthcare Vocational Training has been offering a high quality CNA training program as well as a Medication Aide program for the interested applicants.

Appealing features of Advance Healthcare’s CNA Classes:–

The great thing about this CNA program is its state accreditation, because of which you, upon your graduation, would find yourself welcomed to sit for the Indiana CNA licensing exam.

Like any other state approved CNA programs of the Indiana State, the Advanced Healthcare’s CNA training program also comprises of a 30 hours long didactic lecture classes and the 75 hours long clinical internship.

Within just 3 weeks of time, the Advance Healthcare Vocational Training would make you thoroughly prepared and qualified enough to challenge the Indiana state licensing exam.

Combining the CNA tuition and clinical internship fees as well as state CNA test fee, the Advance Healthcare would expect you to spend just a mere amount of $575, which, for your information, is reckoned to be the lowest price tag when compared to that of other nursing schools in Indianapolis Indiana.

Contact Details:–

  • Location:–6350 West Haven Rd Suite E, Indianapolis, IN-46254
  • Phone No.:–317-347-1550
  • Online Address:–

3. J. Everett Light Career Center

Another highly esteemed nursing assistant school, residing in the city of Indianapolis, goes with the name of J. Everett L. Career Center. Interested CNA wannabes of Indianapolis city should contact J. Everett’s Adult Education Office to apply for their high quality CNA training program, which has also been honored with the state accreditation.

Appealing features of J. Everett Light Career Center’s CNA Classes:–

Having bagged the accreditation from the Indianapolis State Department of Health, the J. Everett’s CNA program also enjoys the power to grant its graduated students the eligibility for participating in the state licensing exam.

J. Everett’s CNA program, being approved by the state, naturally comprises of a 30 hours long theoretical nursing coursework, upon the completion of which you would then get to attend 75 hours long clinical hands-on training through one of the patient care facilities.

Besides the high quality nursing assistant training, the J. Everett also has the provision of offering CPR (i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training to their ambitious CNA students.

Along with the didactic classroom teachings, the J. Everett also makes its aspiring CNA students visit the local healthcare settings, so as to make them familiar with the job setting of a CNA.

With the view to make their state approved CNA program accessible to both the regular and job-holding CNA wannabes of Indianapolis city, the J. Everett Career Center offers fulltime as well as part-time CNA training classes; choose the one that best suits your needs.

By the end of J. Everett’s CNA training program, the students would find themselves to be highly competent at administering First aid & other basic patient care services, and, thus would be well qualified to work in any hospitals, nursing homes or clinics.

Contact Details:–

  • Location:–1901 East. 86 St., Indianapolis, IN-46240
  • Phone No.:–317-259-5265
  • Online Address:–

List of places that may be offering free CNA classes in Indianapolis

1.    Golden Living Center 2002 86th Street West 46203 (877) 823-8375
2.    McDowell adult training centre, 2700 McKinley Avenue Columbus
3.    Pro Vision 6100 N Keystone Ste. 448 46220(317) 545-1125
4.    Primeway Institute 3737 North Meridian Street #508 46203 (317) 926-2610: This school has partnership with the local nursing homes and agencies so that they are able to provide free CNA classes. If you directly apply in their institute you will have to pay but they could tell you if any of their partners are offering free classes, so do contact them.
5.    Work One 101 West 28th Street 46219 317.375.2700
6.    St. Vincent 2001 86th St West (317) 338-2345
7.    Briarwood Health And Rehabilitation – 3640 N Central Ave   46205
8.    Eagle Creek Health And Rehabilitation – 4102 Shore Dr  46254
9.    Lockefield Village – 980 Indiana Ave  46202
10.    Windsor Manor Healthcare Center– 7465 Madison Ave  46227

However, if you are unable to find free classes, you are advised to take up online CNA classes that will cost you a very minimal amount without compromising on the quality. You will have to do a lot of homework and a lot of researches before you actually find free classes. So, buck up and go!

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