Free CNA Classes in Chicago: Your Helping Hand

Certified Nursing Assistants or Aides, popularly known as CNAs, are helping hands to nurses and doctors. They do all the necessary fundamental work that helps in the recovery of patients. The studying part to make up a CNA is very short and easy. The federal government has a mandate for all CNA courses to be at least 75 hours. However, every state is allowed to add up to that minimum amount. CNA courses are offered through length and breadth of the country as well as throughout Illinois. Nursing homes, hospitals, community colleges, university and other institutes offer CNA courses. It has been seen that many people are unable to afford CNA classes, hence free classes is the demand of the hour. Yet free classes are not an easy to find things. But with a little extra effort, you may find a number of free classes.


Your first step should be finding the maximum names of places in Chicago that offer CNA classes, free or not. Few of the names with addresses are mentioned below.

Wilbur Wright College
4300 N. Narragansett Ave

Prairie State College
202 South Halsted Street

Then, you need to find out about how many of them offer scholarships and grants. A variety of such scholarships are available, from the state as well as from the college itself. Such information is readily available in the internet. The state too has some funds to assist the needy ones with such courses. So, it would also be helpful to check out the state health department of Illinois. Consequently, your list is shortened after this step. In fact, the best step would be to visit the college or call them if visiting is not possible. This ways you can evaluate the college in your personal terms, and all your queries will also be answered.

If you do not get a satisfactory result from the above process, another option available to you here is to take the course in a nursing home or hospital where you can work as soon as you complete your course. These institutions may provide you free CNA training on the condition that you agree to work for them for about six months to one year after the training. If you really can’t afford the training, you may like to go for this convenient option.

Recommended CNA Schools!

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Free CNA Classes in Chicago Free CNA Classes in Chicago: Your Helping Hand

Free CNA Classes in Chicago

Online classes are also a worthwhile alternative. Though not free, they are genuinely cheaper than the other ones. They save you time and money, and even provide the ease of not having to go to any place to take classes. Red Cross societies offer CNA classes as well and that too at the cheapest rates. The Red Cross is also known not only for cheap rates but also for good quality CNA courses. It offers a five-week class that covers the practical as well as theoretical needs of CNAs. This program is available only in some of the states. But fortunately, these classes are facilitated in Chicago.

When you choose a certain course, make sure that it is approved from the state. Don’t let the money factor overcome this fact, or you will waste all your time and effort. Many of the colleges today have websites; check them to satisfy any queries you have. You can also get their reviews online. CNAs are a good choice for many today, especially with the ever-increasing health industry. It may also be a nice and easy way to make yourself familiar to the medical environment before you directly jump into a high post. Above all, nothing in the world can defeat the feeling of satisfaction obtained by helping and working for others.

Relatively, CNA courses are anyways not too expensive. So, it is not very difficult to find an affordable course, if not free. But you will have to work really hard for that. And a CNA in Chicago earns somewhere between $20k and $35k; so the investment in the course is going to prove advantageous. Best of luck for your quest! And don’t forget to put in your best in your studies because you will not be able to practice until you pass the certification exams.

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