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What is CNA training?

This is a thousand dollar questions you should be clear about if you want to be a successful nurse assistant. CNA training refers to a professional medical training session that incorporates within you, all the skills required to work in a health care industry.  It is one of the top rated medical training and trusted by millions.

What Are the Requirements For Enrolling into a CNA Training Program?

The only way to become a Certified Nursing Assistant or a CNA is to pursue a training program from a state accredited school lasting from 6 to 12 weeks. This training program makes students able to attend the state licensing exams yielding a working license. The student should attend at least seventy hours of study comprising both theoretical and practical aspects in order to sit in the state licensing exams. Moreover, these training programs are also objected to make the prospective nursing assistant able for performing all kinds of work roles during their career with the required amount of theoretical background knowledge. Thus there is a no way other than attending a training program to become a certified nursing career as practice an ethical career ahead. In order to attend the training programs, students need to meet certain requirements that are discussed further in this article.

  • Physical Fitness: To attend the training programs students need to be physically fit and sound. The work nature of a CNA often entails of performing heavy jobs such as relocating beds of patients or even lifting or supporting patients thus physical fitness is a must. During the practical hands-on session, the students need to perform all the work roles and having or maintaining physical fitness is necessary. Additionally, the environments of healthcare facilities often go chaotic. Thus, they need to control their emotions and stresses with a highly deliberated behavior and compassionate communication skills. Moreover, students are required to conduct a physical health exam to verify that they are free from all kinds of communicable or highly contagious diseases. Students living with disabilities are required to seek consultations from their physicians to make sure that the disability they posses do not hinder the performance during training programs and career ways thereafter.


  • Legal Requirements: Students needed to be free from all kinds of felonies prior enrolling in CNA training programs. Almost every institution needs certificate of character before applying however some institutions also conduct a background check during application process. Due to the high sensitive nature of nursing assistant jobs are to be performed by decent candidates.


  • Academic Requirements: Students must have completed high school diploma or a GED to enroll in CNA training programs. However this requirement may differ from one state to another but the tests to check the mathematical and reading skills of applicants are conducted by almost all the institutions around the country. Some institutions may conduct some additional entrance tests to match the numbers of available seats and applicants.


These are the usual requirements for enrolling into a CNA programs but additional requirements may be sought as per the state regulations. In addition to that, the education institution may ask you to meet and commit certain disciplinary requirements prior enrolling into a training program.

What are the features of quality CNA training?

The ‘Quality Training’ is meant by the training program to become CNA with the certain features. Some of the features are mentioned below:


Accreditation: The training you look further to attend must be accredited by state authorities. Only the accredited training programs can ensure the best meet of requirements for their students to score good grades in certification exams. Additionally, they are also flexible of credit transferring, if in case you want to relocate your college to another state.


Curriculum and Standard: The quality training programs ensure full learning hours with all the components of curriculum covered. The curriculum is set according to the state requirements and extracurricular activities are also included. The teacher-student ratio is compatible for effective learning and the chances of interaction between instructors/ professors and students become high.


Recommended CNA Schools!

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Hands-on Practical Session: For you to become a CNA, completing hands-on practical session is also very important. The certification exams require students to pass both theoretical and practical components for obtaining a working license. Thus only quality hands-on practical session conducted on a reputed medical facility under the one-to-one supervision of the instructor making you able to perform independently can ensure the attainment of all the skills required for your career.


Education Track Record and Reputation: Enrolling in the training programs that have good profile and academic track records are likely to be reputed among the employers. Thus students from such programs/ institutions can get job easily.


Can’t I be a CNA without getting any kind of formal trainings?

The work of a medical assistant requires specific knowledge and interpersonal skills. Have you imagined what the day of a CNA looks like? You cannot handle the stressful situations and mental loads without knowing how to deal with it. If you are thinking of being a CNA without any training than better you stay at home or search for some next career.

Where do I find classes that offer CNA training?

Many hospitals, Vocational Trade schools, Community colleges, Universities, institutions and Red Cross institutions run such type of program. You can contact any of these institutions. They also offer online training and programs as well.

What is taught in my training?

In your training you are taught in various aspects such as:

  • How to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong
  • How to develop interpersonal skills to deal with almost every kind of people
  • How to deal with sick and ill patients
  • How to change bedsits, feed a patient, give them medicines, help them in changing their clothes and how to assist them in their every daily activities.
  • How to give injections
  • How to run and manage hospital equipments and many more.


For how much long is my CNA training?

It generally takes about 3 weeks to 3 months to complete your courses. The length period varies from state to state and college to college. It also depends on your interest and punctuality.

Why would I want to get training?

You ought to get CNA training because

  • You can become one in a short period of time.

As stated earlier you can complete your training within 3 weeks to 3 months. And finding a career that is fitting towards the current demand in such a short period of time is itself great.

  • You don’t have to meet a lot of qualifications to become one.

If you are above 16 years old what you need is just High school degree, a good English reading writing + speaking skills, a proof stating you are not involved in any drug or criminal offences, and a medical proof stating you are free from TV. Besides this what you need is a positive attitude towards this career and a enthusiasm to serve mankind.

  • It is a kind of job that accounts a lot of blessings from hundreds of peoples.

The name “Certified Nursing Assistant” is itself self explanatory”. No need to talk much about this.

  • The salary of a CNA is very lucrative.

The best part of being a certified nursing assistant is the salary you receive at the end of the job. A CNA has begins with $25, 000 as an average salary in a year. With your hard work, experiences and education you can achieve more.

  • The job scope will continue to rise for decades.

Are any online training options available?

Yes, we understand the fact that you might be pretty busy in handling your current job, or a little old to go to classrooms, or have some family issues. And don’t bother r even if you live far away from your school or you can’t pay the fees. You can get all your training and classroom session online. Many colleges offer the advantages of online learning through video streaming, online chatting, webinars, and many more.

But all the practical portions definitely can’t be acquired online. so the best practice would be learning your theoretical portions online and consulting a nearby college or community school for your clinical sessions.

Here is a demo of how online training session works.


Here is another demo.


What after completing all my fundamental training sessions?

After completing all your training sessions you are suggested to

Prepare for CNA certification exam

Now you can prepare for the big day. Go through what types if questions are asked. Prepare all your answers. Be confident in what you write or say.  Theoretical as well as practical, all types of questions are asked.

Pass the stat certification exam

You will get 3 chances to pass the exam. If you can pass within these three attempts, you are well set to work as a CNA, but in the other case you have to join CNA class again and start all from the beginning.

Get your CNA license

You will get a license once you pass the exam. The license ensures your co-workers, doctors and nurses that you are fully compiled to work as a CNA. It is a document stating you possess each and every qualification and you can take care of our responsibilities with no any hurdles. Once you certify as a CNA you have to take the exam every two years to renew your license.

Find a job

Search for online, go to a hospital or a clinic and apply for a job. Or you can even check ads in newspaper.

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