CNA Classes in Milwaukee: Guidelines to Get Admission

CNAs are nursing assistants that provide care to the patients. Actually, they are the ones that heal the patients. Taking care of patients may sound easy, but in real it is a challenging job. You may have to see disastrous cases. You will have to meet all kinds of people, including rude and filthy ones. You will have to do all the cleaning and may have to clean patient’s pans. You may be called on at any time including night time, and there may be prolonged duty hours. And at the end, you are not even given credit of the work. But contrarily, if you ask a CNA about how they feel of this work, majority of them will say it is blissful. They will say that they could not think of a better job than this. The reason is that CNA is a job for those who feel good to help people. And hence when they become a nursing assistant, they find it rewarding. Additionally, it has other benefits. You don’t need to go through years of courses, and the course is pretty cheap. Employment chances are extremely high, and you also get paid amply.

How to become a CNA in Milwaukee?

After you complete high school, you are eligible to study nursing assistance. A  GED will also work. Then, you will take up a course. Many nursing homes, community colleges and other institutes offer CNA classes. You will find various choices of classes. Free classes will help you save money; online classes will save you money as well as time; night classes may help you manage time and etc. Particularly in Milwaukee, there are not as many courses offered as in other cities. If you study at a nursing home or a hospital, they are very likely to offer you a job after you complete your course. But make sure the classes you choose are state-certified, or otherwise your course is going to be of no use. In Wisconsin, the course needs to be at least 120 hours long. Two of the prominent colleges offering CNA courses in Milwaukee are enlisted below.

  • Milwaukee Area Technical College: with more than 20,000 students, Milwaukee area technical college is a state-certified institute that offers CNA courses. They also help you find a job in the nearby nursing homes and hospitals. They also offer courses in Spanish.
  • Waukesha County Technical College: Waukesha is situated a little west from Milwaukee. It is approved by the state and offers a 120-hour CNA course.


Recommended CNA Schools!

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Apart from the above mentioned two colleges, online classes are available. But be careful when you choose an online course. It should not only train you theoretically only, but practically as well. So, do your homework before you actually get into a course.

After you complete your course, you will need certification from the Department of Health Services of Wisconsin. For that you will have to pass an exam. Once you are certified, you need to take another exam for your license. The State Nurse Aide Registry takes the license exams. Only after you have your license, you will be able to work.


Financial statistics of a CNA in Milwaukee

CNA Classes in Milwaukee CNA Classes in Milwaukee: Guidelines to Get Admission

CNA Classes in Milwaukee

On average, a CNA in Milwaukee earns $25,000 a year; it is a pretty good earning. But the salary is dependent on the experience and expertise too. There are CNAs in Milwaukee that earn about $ 35,000. As they say, it is not about what you do, it is about how well you do it. You can have a handsome salary as a CNA if you work earnestly. However, money factor is not much attractive in this sector, it’s the satisfaction you receive with your job that matters.

Though the work duties and responsibilities are challenging, CNA is a lucrative option in many other ways. It can be your gateway to the medical field. With other additional courses and consequently with experience, you can reach higher posts. One thing you should never forget is to put in your best, and then ultimately success is all yours.

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