CNA Certification- The Best Career Move You’ll ever make

What is CNA certification?

A voluntary and valid credential for nurses after completion of  their CNA classes is known as CNA certification. In other words CNA certification is a valid document stating the nurse ability, working skills, and talent after you have completed your CNA certification test and training. The certificate states that the nurse has completed all her predetermined standards and requirements to practice her work as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

What are the benefits of CNA certification?

Your CNA certificate is a documented and valid proof to your patients, doctors, supervisors

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CNA certification

and other related co- workers stating that you are qualified, talented skilled and professional in handling your job.
CNA Certification programs have a very positive impact on nurses. First of all certainly the increased knowledge and skills they have gained  increases their confidence in terms of their practice. It has helped to really advance the practice in home and community healthcare. It helps to make great nurses even greater and that’s the wonderful thing of the profession in general.
The nursing profession is changing on a daily basis. In addition to provide top quality services to their daily patients today’s nurses must continuously adapt to the new technologies, new challenges and increasingly complex cases. In this ever-changing environment lifelong learning is a necessity for nurses, for employers and for their patients. To help nurses meet these challenges head on,  the nursing association established the CNA certification programs.
Certification allows nurses to build on their solid foundation to their RN registration and to the nursing experience they gain. Today thousands of nurses from every corner of country have achieved and are maintaining CNA certification.
In the end the thing that every Medicare institutions want to ensure is that their clients are getting the best possible care, they are care safely by their competent nurses, and that’s what CNA certification does.

What does CNA certification mean to many nurses?

Certification programs were established by nurses, for nurses as a way of helping them to grow and learn both personally and professionally and to lead to better nursing care and Excellency.   Certification process is one way to facilitate nurses to demonstrate their competence to themselves, to their employers and to public. Nurses are very proud to have a national standard. From course to course nurses can say” yes we are certified”.
-Marlene Smadu , RN, EdD
-President, CNA
I think that certification can open doors regarding career development. it certainly help our employer, my director and all as a way of demonstrating that person wants to apply a practice standards in a very  advanced way.
-Michele paquette, RN, CGN(C)
-Corporate clinical manager, endoscopy
It’s a validation of their knowledge and expertise in this specific area. I think it will be a standardization of nurse practices across the county. It’s nice to challenge own self as to whether I can do this or not.
-Lenore morrow, RN,
-Heath service supervisor
I think it’s a great way to get connected to other nurses in this field across the country. Just you have to do is get some nursing course on line.
We are very proud of this certification. Everybody wears the pin proudly after completion of their online degree programs and certificate online courses.

It all we want when we have that letter come with the pin that you can start to wear and say I am certified.

CNA certification Exams and Renewal

As soon as you complete the CNA training program, the final step to become a certified nursing assistant would be passing the certification exams. It is not mandatory for prospective CNAs to pass the certification exams as it is only a way to obtain a working license. However, a working license is something that is sought by almost all the employers while hiring you. Thus, it is better to sit and pass the exam. Since, the certification exam plays an important role in shaping your career ahead, it becomes essential to give a special attention towards it.

The CNA certification examinations are practice based and designed by practice nurses in each respective faculty to test for competence in real world situations. The exams are available in many official languages convenient to the nurse.
And it’s not that the work is over after getting your certificate. Your CNA certificate should be renewed within every 5 years.
Apart from this there are various online certification schools and online classes for nursing assistants. Get enroll into the best suitable nursing assistant courses.

Recommended CNA Schools!

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The certification exam for CNAs is designed to testify all the skills and knowledge learned during the training program. In training program, you get to learn both theoretical and practical aspects and so does the exam is set to evaluate the both the aspects. The exam is conducted in two steps, first the theoretical and the next is the practical exam. You need to pass both the exams to obtain a working license, thus preparation is needed accordingly.

The preparation for certification exam totally depends upon your hard work. However, these days, there are numerous helping tools available to facilitate your preparation. You can get study guides and practice exams in the internet. Additionally, you can also seek help from seniors and professors to learn special tips to score good marks. Discussion with class mates, reading the reference books and reviewing the lectures given by professors (if you have taken note of them or have video recordings) are some other things that can help you for the better preparation. You can make a list of study tools and resources to help yourself as you are only the person who knows your learning skills better than anyone else. But all of the things motioned above should be backed up with the passion to perform better and enough study time.

Hard work always pays! The better you prepare for the certification exam; the better will be the score. It is obvious that, scoring in exams always depend upon the hard work and sincerity. Do not ever make a laid down attitude or let you confidence go down while preparing. Nervousness often spoils the hard work. Don’t let the nervousness to overcome your confidence. Also, sometimes students become overconfident and make mistakes of overlooking the easier chapters, but unless you don’t revise each and every chapter, nothing can work in your favor. Remember, every aspect in your curriculum is equally important and you are not the right person to evaluate the importance of the curriculum components.
CNA certification really helps a nurse in terms of putting herself forward as a nurse who has some degree of skills and specialty. Many of the job description and vacancies in the paper, one thing they will ask for is certification to ensure that you are really keeping up to date on the latest knowledge. So why not to chose the best option amongst all the career opportunities. CNA could be the best career move you will ever make. It’s always nice to feel  good at the end.

Tips for Preparation for Certification Exams


In the midst of the way to a CNA career, prospective nursing assistant need to pass the state licensing exam to obtain a working license. Without a working license, the dream of pursuing career as a nursing assistant would go futile as the working license is only the legal document that helps both nursing assistants and employers to ensure the well conducted and responsible job behavior. Almost in every hiring, the license is sought for each candidate, thus it becomes important for nursing assistants to have one.


As mentioned above, the state licensing exam is the only way to get the work license. Therefore every prospective certified nursing assistant need to work hard for passing the licensing exam as passing the certification is not easy. Here, in this article, we will provide some tips to pass the certification exams with good grades.


  • The certification test comprises of theoretical and practical components and without passing the both components, test cannot be cleared. Thus, you should give equal priority to both components.


  • Students are advised to revise every chapters and topics thoroughly before appearing the certification test. Do not overlook the small chapters and/or topics as even small topics are equally important.


  • Give special emphasis to the difficult chapters and topics without omitting the easier topics. You can plan your study hours according to the complexities of the lessons.


  • Make a list of study tools and resources to facilitate your study and collect to use them. Reference books, notes of lectures by professors and tips for solving questions quickly can be some of those study tools. If possible, seek assistance from seniors and local professors. Additionally, according to your learning methodology you can set the learning environment and study room in order to favor your study. Allocate definite hours for learning from your daily schedule.


  • The internet provides opportunities for test simulations. These kinds of simulated tests help to increase the performance and proficiency by helping to decrease your nervousness during the examination hours.


  • During examination hours, plan your answers according to the order of complexness and difficulty level. Solve the easy questions at first and move to difficult questions.


In addition to these tips, as you know yourself better than us, you can set your own study format and plan accordingly. Hard work always pays thus do not ever make a laid down attitude. I wish you best of luck for the certification exams.


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